Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Introduction: Welcome to the Blog

Hi there. My name is Riza and currently I am located in Thailand. I work for international construction company as a sustainability executive. I started this blog because I would like to share my insight about sustainability, which I feel is a very critical concept for ensuring our future wellbeing. My ultimate vision is to make this simple blog becomes a worldwide source of information and knowledge for latest technologies and implementation strategies regarding sustainability concept.

During the blog infant period, I commit to publish two posts every week. After six months or so, when the blog has settled, I have a target to provide daily post. You may think that it is pretty easy to provide daily post. Actually, it's true. However, I guarantee that only quality posts will be presented here. I want this place to serve as an excellent filter for numerous new information concerning sustainability that is available out there.

In the next few posts I will describe about what sustainability is and why it is important as well as the benefits that you will gain from the implementation. Further posts will explore on how you can implement the concept in your home and workplace. Afterwards, latest knowledge, strategies, techniques, and technologies in sustainability will dominate the posts in this blog.

Lastly, I would like to welcome you to the blog. If you have any comment or suggestion, please do not hesitate to leave a message. I am glad to hear back from you because I want this place to profit all readers from various industries and institutes.

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