Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Australia Ratifies Kyoto Protocol, How About US?

Labor Party leader Kevin Rudd became Australia's 26th prime minister Monday and immediately began dismantling the former government's policies by ratifying the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. Ratification will come into force 90 days after the commitment is handed to the United Nations, he said, meaning Australia will become a full member of the Kyoto Protocol before the end of March 2008.

"This is the first official act of the new Australian government, demonstrating my government's commitment to tackling climate change. Australia's official declaration today that we will become a member of the Kyoto Protocol is a significant step forward in our country's efforts to fight climate change domestically -- and with the international community," he said.

The move leaves the United States as the only major developed nation that has refused to ratify the pact.

Complete news is here.

This refusal by US is frustrating for me. As one of the major countries in the world, US should set itself as an example and a leader to reduce global warming impact, especially since US is number one contributor in green house gases emission.

US concerns about its economy because if they ratify the protocol the economy may slow down since they need to focus on "green" development. However, I believe that we need to set the right priority. The choices are between money (economy) and earth (humanity future). What will you choose?

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