Sunday, December 9, 2007

Global Warming Impacts is Real in Thailand

I summarized this article from Thailand magazine, Sarakadee, edition March 2007.

The clear evidence is the chapel of Samuttravas Temple in Samutprakarn, which was 1 kilometer away from the sea. Now the sea partially submerges the chapel.

Electricity pole in the sea is the evidence that this area was street but now the sea level rise to almost half of the pole. This area is in front of Samuttravas Temple.

City Pillar between Bang Koon Tien district and Thai gulf was once in land (800 meter away from the sea) but now half of the pillar was under the sea.

Thailand has 2,667 kilometer coastline which they lose it to the sea at 25 meters annually. Imagine what will happen in 20 years, 50 years. Global warming is real in Thailand, how about in your hometown? Start to act now. Check this simple strategy to start reducing global warming.

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