Wednesday, December 19, 2007

GreenPlay Children's Furnishings

This is an excellent green product. The main user is children, which makes the product even more attractive. It's green, it's healthier, and it's fun.

The main features of GreenPlay are:

  • It utilizes post-consumer recycled plastic and agricultural byproduct (sunflower hulls).
  • All woods are FSC certified.
  • It avoids adhesives in favor of mechanical fasteners for recycling purpose.
  • It releases minimal pollutants (no- or low-VOC finishes).
  • The suppliers provide take-back program for outgrown furniture.

In addition, the utilization of this product gives you potential LEED credit (LEED is Leadership Energy and Environmental Design, highly popular green rating system in US):

  • MR credit 4 for recycled content.
  • MR credit 6 for rapidly renewable materials.
  • MR credit 7 for certified wood.
  • IEQ credit 4 for low-emitting materials.

GreenPlay is produced by Skyline Design. For more information, please visit Skyline Design website.

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