Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007 and Happy New Year 2008

Hi all, I would like to say

Merry Christmas 2007
Happy New Year 2008

I will go to my home town until January 7, 2008, so the new posts in this blog will be less active. I hope you would have a great time in this holiday season and wish you all the best for the coming new year.




benova said...

Riza.....finally you have own blog hihihihi though it's not personal weblog huhuhu.

Go home for Christmas ya...??or another reason??hihihihi.

Wish you ..Happy Holiday...Merry Christmas...Om Riza..from Kiyo-chan.

geraldo said...

Olá dear Riza,

I hope that you have had a wonderful Christmas, in peace with all the family. Now that the new year approaches, I come to desire you everything good, hoping That our beloved earth, our mother come to suffer little aggressions and that our environment be more protected.