Thursday, December 13, 2007

Solatube Infinity Skylight

I found this product when I attended the Green Cities 2007 Expo in Chicago last November and I am impressed. This is an innovative product which brings sunlight to your room even when you do not have direct roof above that room.

The size is very compact, only 25 or 40 cm in diameter. Therefore, it does not require a lot of space and can be installed in small room, such as your closet or toilet. The tube is supported by double glazed diffuser that minimizes any heat gain. Dimmer and translucent diffuser are also available to reduce light glare.

The 25 cm diameter tube is equal to 2x100W incandescent globes in 3 m by 3 m room and the 40 cm tube is equal to 6x100W incandescent globes in 5 m by 5 m room. What a great method to reduce electricity bill and bring daylight to your house. Daylight is good because research shows it can make us healthier, increase productivity, increase property value, as well as contribute to the environment because we use less electricity.

Solatube Infinity is produced by Australian company, Home Comfort Products Pty Ltd. Their contact can be found in website and more information concerning this particular product is available here.

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