Tuesday, February 26, 2008

7 Simple Tips to Stop Global Warming

My friend sent this information to my email. I found it to be informative and practical for us to do, so I decide to share it here. Unfortunately I do not know the source of the information, but it is a job well done indeed.

1. Unplug electrical appliances when you do not use them
Even if you turn off the appliances, they still consume electricity. Unplug them and you may save potentially 5% of your electricity bill that you need to pay every month. Reduced electricity usage means reduced carbon emissions, which are responsible for global warming.

2. Plastic bags need 1000 years to be processed by nature
Plastic bags usage worldwide is billions in number. They fill up our landfill and clog our rivers and drain pipes. They are also petroleum based and therefore waste a lot of unrenewable resource. Use cloth bags instead and restrain yourself from using these harmful materials.

3. Stop buying plastic bottled water
1 liter of mineral water is equal with buying 5 liters of water because In the factory we need that amount of water to cool off every hot plastic bottle during production process. Moreover, the plastic itself will fill up our landfill and nature needs centuries to process it.

4. Reduce tissue usage
You should shift to handkerchief instead. It is estimated that one person uses 6 leaves of tissue every day. It means 12 billion leaves every day worldwide. What a shocking number. We can reduce tons of waste by reducing our tissue usage and use handkerchief instead.

5. Be green on the ATM
Choose not to receive the receipt or you can use internet banking and mobile banking instead. There are 8 billion ATM transactions every day and the receipts from these transactions can be used to cover the earth's equator for 15 times.

6. Reduce paper
Use double-sided printing and copying, reuse one-sided papers, and recycle papers are essential approach. 10 kilograms of newspaper require one 10-year old tree. Imagine what happen with illegal logging. How many trees have been cut down only for producing paper. No wonder that our world becomes hotter.

7. Have 2 types of waste bin
Separate your waste into wet waste (food, leaves, drink) and dry waste (bottle, plastic, paper, glass). It helps the landfill people to manage the waste and process it properly. It is much better if you can separate into 5 types: plastic, food, wet paper (diapers, tissue, etc), dry paper (books, bills, newspapers, advertisements, etc) for selling and recycling, and metal and glass.

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