Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Climate Change Affects Wine Industry in Australia

Three largest grape-growing regions in Australia depend on irrigation to survive and the high cost of water has created a big problem. Some say that they may not be able to survive this year's harvest because water prices have increase more that three times from last year. In fact, the industry estimates that up to 1,000 winegrowers out of 7,000 may be forced to leave the industry this year because of financial problem of the vineyards.

Warmer temperature may reduce the grape quality and it is estimated that by 2030, the quality could fall by 23 percent. Last year was one of the warmest temperature around the grape-growing regions in Australia and in addition, it was also one of the driest years.

Australia is the number supplier of imported wine in the UK and second in the US. The wine exports have a total value around A$3 billion.

Complete news is available in Australian wine industry feels heat from climate change.

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