Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Go Beyond Fluorescent Light with LED Light

Many people have left incandescent light and use compact fluorescent light (CFL) instead. However, in the next 10 years or so, light emitting diode (LED) seems to be the way of the future. LED was introduced in 1960s as an indicative light and has developed dramatically into an excellent source of general light recently.

LED is different with our typical light bulbs because it uses no glass bulb or filament that can break and no electrodes that can decay. LED is a solid light surce, where a chemical chip is embedded in a plastic capsule. This chip is energized by applying a voltage to emit light, which can be focused, routed, and scattered.

LED efficiency surpasses all traditional lights, including CFL. Currently LED is producing more than 20 lumens per watt, while incandescent is only 8 - 15 lumens per watt. Another benefit of LED is its flexibility. It can highlight a fraction of a space, such as architectural features and foot steps.

With current green technology development, LED will become a trend of the future. This article is extracted from The Daily Green.

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