Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Millions Switched Off for Earth Hour

Tens of millions of people switched off lightbulbs last weekend to show their support to the global campaign on climate change. People from Australia, Asia, Europe, Canada, and the US have participated in the Earth Hour effort.

Earth Hour organizers asked governments, businesses, and individuals to turn off the power for only one hour last Saturday started at 8.00 PM local time. In Sydney, Sydney Harbor Bridge and Opera House faded into darkness. The supplier of Sydney's electricity informed that a drop of 8.4 percent in energy usage had been recorded, which was equivalent to 1.6 million light bulbs being switched off.

Power consumption in Christchurch, New Zealand, dropped nearly 13 percent during the switch-off. In Chicago, lights on more than 200 downtown buildings were dimmed. Wat Arun temple in Bangkok, shopping centers in Manila, castles in Sweden and Denmark, parliament building in Hungary, London City Hall and Canterbury in England, and numerous other places have shown commitment.

Complete coverage is available in Tens of millions switch off worldwide for 'Earth Hour': organisers and Cities switch off lights for Earth Hour.

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