Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How to Make a Green Wedding

Getting married talks about commitment, so why don't we honor the environment as well and inspire the guests along the way? Here are things that you can do to make a sustainable wedding celebration.

  • Use family rings rather than buying new ones. A jeweler can melt down old rings or jewels to make new ones in whatever styles.
  • Try a new ring made from recycled materials. You can try to visit http://greencarat.com/.


  • Choose a location close to home so you and guests do not need to spend a lot of energy getting to the wedding.
  • Consider an outdoor location run by a nonprofit that can gain benefit from the cost of the wedding.


  • How about electronic invitations?
  • If you want to use the traditional mailed invite, choose recycled paper.


  • Get a vintage one rather than buying a new gown that you will wear only once.
  • For the groom, why don't you search a suit from your closet?

Food and drink

  • Choose a caterer who cooks with organic and locally raised food.
  • Choose organic wines.
  • No plastic or disposable cutlery.


  • Choose ecologically grown flowers.
  • After the wedding, donate the flowers for charity or a local nursing home.

Gifts and favors

  • Consider flower seeds and tree seeds as favors.


  • Try a horse and carriage or a hybrid rather than a limo.
  • Provide guests with information about public transports and encourage them to carpool.


  • Consider to travel by train rather than flying.
This interesing guide was extracted from Green wedding guide.

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