Thursday, August 28, 2008

Architects Reject Sustainability Development Concept

Sustainability and green technologies are the current trend nowadays. They are important to make sure that we reach our sustainability development target and thus ensuring our future generations to meet their needs.

Studies have revealed that buildings are number one emitter of greenhouse gases. Therefore, this is a priority area if we want to reduce our emissions. Surprisingly, some people think differently and in fact, they reject the implementation of sustainability concept. More surprisingly, these people are architects, experts that are in the front line of building creation.

If you don't believe what I say here, you can visit their site at and then go to "our position" and "the manifestor part". Let me quote some sentences from their website.

"We assert the right to experiment with new forms, processes and materials, regardless of their environmental provenance. We fundamentally oppose those tho downplay aesthetics in the service of the so-called natural world ... "

"Architects must become confident in architecture for architecture's sake, asserting their trained eye for design rather than falling back on cliched cod-scientific justifications."

"Only through architectural autonomy ... can there be created a freedom for designers to challenge the limitations of the current all-pervasive mantra of sustainable development."

This is a surprising reality. Basically these people only care about beautiful design without any consideration of other factors. As architects, current sustainability trend should become a challenge for their creativity to create aesthetically environmental friendly design. This is a shame statement indeed.

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