Tuesday, August 5, 2008

English Government Will Invest £2bn to Make Zero-Carbon Colleges

The English government plans to invest more than £2 billion to create zero-carbon further education (FE) colleges. It was stated that 150 colleges will use the funding and it will be invested over the next three years. The target of the funding is to make sure that all new college facilities are zero-carbon by 2016, which is in line with the government target.

In the next six months, a group of experts will work with FE sector to develop practical schemes to achieve this target. FE minister, Bill Rammell, explained that the government has made huge progress. In 1997, there was no budget for the mainstream FE capital.

This is another excellent commitment toward sustainable development by the English government. A proactive approach like this is needed to ensure that we do not cross the threshold where we cannot reverse the effects of global warming.

This story was taken from Channel 4.

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