Friday, May 29, 2009

Can We Live without Sustainable Energy?

You should imagine what will happen when oil prices become very expensive in the future. How if we use all of our fossil fuel supply? You should know that right now around 20% of our electricity supply come from fossil fuel. What will happen if they run out? These are questions that you should consider to appreciate the importance of sustainable power. They are not things that we should consider in the future, but they are important now.

Sustainable energy has aroused debates among government officials, NGOs, and oppositions. Some say that sustainability is critical while others consider it as mumbo jumbo. Firstly we need to understand the definition of sustainability. Sustain means to support, uphold, and to keep something from falling. When it comes to sustainable energy, it means energy with unending resources. Sustainable energy is endless resources that can produce energy without destroying the environment and the earth where we live in.

If we scrutinize those debates, we will see that sustainable energy is not the source of conflicts. The alternate source of energy is the thing that has created those conflicts. Some argue that alternate energy resources are new and nobody has investigated whether they are safe or not. Others say that they are not enough to accommodate the demands of this world. No matter what the arguments are, we need to consider that sustainability is important for the future of human beings. It is a must if we want to continue living on this earth. The future is our main reason to fight and to be better.

If we look back way into the past, we can see that alternate energy resources have been used since the ancient time. They are everywhere from the richest countries to the poorest nations. Wind farms are abundant in northwestern Europe while geothermal plants are available in the Philippines, New Zealand, Kenya, Germany, Mexico, Turkey, and the US. People in China have used hydropower to generate electricity to power small towns. Hydropower has also been used in US to power a big city like Las Vegas.

It is important now

You might think that now the earth is polluted and in peril. Then you should think what will happen if our ancestors have used all the fossil fuels. We cannot let this fate to happen for our future generations. Human beings have survived many catastrophes on this planet and together we can achieve something that will slow down the pollution and global warming that threaten our earth.

Think about the great smog in London that killed more than 8000 people. At that time they experienced unusually cold weather and they consumed and lit up more coals which fogged the air with excessive amount of smog. If we never used alternate energy resources, it is likely that we would not be here today. Therefore be a supporter of sustainable energy and start taking action to make this world a better place for us and our future generations. Save this earth, this is a beautiful place to live in.

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