Saturday, December 1, 2007

Benefits of Sustainability

As explained previously, global warming is the main reason for sustainability implementation. However, there are direct benefits that you will gain from the implementation of the concept. These benefits are:
  • Higher return of investment (ROI) for your investment in buildings. It was found that green buildings, buildings with many sustainable features, can save energy up to a staggering 60% in comparison with conventional buildings. The life cycle cost of the buildings will be much lower than conventional buildings due to efficient operational cost.
  • Sustainability can increase your building value. People will love the concept of buildings that put a priority to the wellbeing of the occupants as well as the surrounding community and environment. The lower operational cost will attract them even more.
  • Sustainable buildings with proper arrangement, sufficient sun light, and good indoor air quality, can increase employee productivity around 2 – 16%. It will reduce absenteeism and improve employee retaining.
  • A great marketing strategy for your companies regardless of the type of businesses because it has a potential to attract government attention, differentiate the company’s service offerings and serve as a competitive advantage, become the first in something green, and increase public image.
  • If you are a religious person, this concept shows your faith in action because of your positive objectives to preserve the earth and develop the wellbeing of your employees as well as surrounding community.

The figure below presents a clear picture of the benefits of sustainability concept implementation, which can be separated into three main aspects of sustainability. The left-right arrows explain that the benefits are interdependence of each other. For example, if you build a sustainable building, you will reduce global warming, create employee satisfaction, and increase your ROI due to lower operational cost.

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Sabrina Garza said...

Who doesn’t want to live in a healthy environment? Of course, no matter how advanced or modern our world is, health is still of utmost importance. People are now wiser, and are opting to use renewable energy because they can see clearly its advantages. And the fact that the pros heavily outweight the cons, makes renewable energy the more preferred choice.

-Sabrina Garza