Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Stop Sending Letters, Please

The stamps are getting more expensive, so how if there is a way not to use them as shown in this guide.

Scanning is easy

Many people required a stamp to send an official document, although the truth can be different. Ask your boss whether it is ok to scan and email it. The answer is yes ninety percent of the time. Scanners are relatively cheap and after you understand the procedure, you will save yourself time, money, and paper.

Pay online

This is a common thing nowadays, but perhaps you haven't fully switched over yet. A few of your bills still get paid with a check in the mail. Schedule monthly transfer with your bank to go completely treeless. You may want to consider using PayPal for companies or individuals with no billing system.


Perhaps it is too impersonal to use email for a Mother's Day card, but most greeting cards can be done online. Use a graphic program to edit a photopraph and add your personal inside joke. You can make it personal, paperless, 100% free for delivery, and still get appreciation from the receiver.

Use postcards instead

When there is no choice, use postcards. They take less energy to create and send because they are only single sheet. They are easily sorted and light enough in terms of shipping emissions. Therefore, they are also cheaper than letters.

Avoid airmail

Airmail is far more carbon intensive and thus if you minimize airmail, you will have a bigger environmental impact rather than minimizing ground mail.

This is another step that can stop our reliance on physical objects and transportation. This interesting guide can be found in It's time to stop sending letters.

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