Saturday, May 10, 2008

What are the Advantages of a Hybrid Car?

The cost of fuel has increased rapidly and the pollution from fuel combustion has damaged the environment. Due to this condition, hybrid cars are considered as a beneficial solution to preserve the environment. This is because hybrid cars do not depend only on fuel for its power, but they also use electricity. Therefore, hybrid cars consume less fuel and thus emit less air pollution.

It is unnecessary to plug hybrid cars into an electric outlet to recharge the battery. Hybrid cars can recharge themselves by using power lost during coasting and braking. In addition, they also can recharge by the gasoline engine. The good thing about hybrid cars compare to regular gasoline engine cars are explained below.

1. Less pollution

The concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has increased recently and this condition contributes to global warming, the increased of the earth’s temperature. One of main contributors of greenhouse gases is air pollution, such as carbon dioxide emitted by vehicles. By using hybrid cars, less fuel is consumed because they also make use electricity as another source of power. This translates into less pollution emitted to the environment and thus reduces the effects of global warming.

2. Save money

It is obvious that hybrid cars consume less fuel and hence you can save money because you reduce your visit to the gas station.

3. Lower your taxes

Sometimes, tax rebates are given to buyers of hybrid cars. In this case, if you buy a hybrid car, you can get tax refunds, which will provide you with additional savings.

In spite of its advantages, there is one major thing that should be considered before you buy a hybrid car and that is the price. Its market price is still relatively high and most people still cannot afford to buy. If you are thinking to buy a hybrid car, you should think about the saving that you can get. This is a wise investment that can bring benefits to you and the environment.

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